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Mar 15, 2009 at 04:46 PM

Bug? Chart formatting



This has been driving me mad all evening and today. I have two charts, one line one combo, in a dashboard that is pretty much finished. I realised that the text colour for mouseovers was white on pale blue and needed to change it to black. I do this in teh text properties of teh appearance tab for the line chart, go to the Combo text properties in appearance. All gone. Only the tab remains. I restart, reload etc: no luck.

I try a new combo chart on teh same dashboard and a new dashboard: both work normally. I copy my combo chart to a new dashboard and it's all wrong again (this time, I lciked the first tab in apperance, Layout, first and ALL the other tabs have the Layout properties displaying! I check my original dashboard again and realise that now, only the layout tab has properties at all. All the others are blank.

I have not been able to edit any properties in appearance since then, for that chart only. Is there something obvious I am missing (I unlocked all the components) or is this a bug and I just don;t understand how to reproduce it on another chart.

My dashboard is available if someone wants to take a look. Thank you for your help.


Restarted again. I now have no visible property on any tab in Appearance. For info, I am running 2008 fix 2 under Vista Business.

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