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Material determination


Thru VB11 I maintained a record for the material 917 with alternative materials 927 & 928 with a substitution reason 004....when I created a sales order system throws a message"material 928 has been exculded" and also following tat msg an another msg poped up saying "quantity of 15 ea remains after product selection" 15 is the quantity entered......can any1 explain wht does this msg conveys?...wht difference will I get if I change the substitution reason?......thanks in advance

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2 Answers

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    Posted on Mar 15, 2009 at 07:33 PM

    Dear Kumar,

    My understaning of Material determination goes like this:

    In your case , As you have maintained material Determination through VB11 system will not try to fill up the required quantity by 917 and then remaining by 928, it will simply bypass 917 and try to deliver 928 only.

    Generally this is required in case of Promotions.

    e.g during diwali or christmas period same prodcut should be delivered but with different packaging. In this case you will define Material 928 with different special festive packaging. and you will maintain material determination with validity period lets say one month. here for this perticular 1 month system will automatically substitute material 917 with 928. and 917 will not be delivered at all.

    coming back to your error message

    as there was stock qty 2 maintained for 928 it confirms the same during sales order processing and tells you the remaining quantity to be delivered is 8.

    I hope it clarifies your doubt.



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    Posted on Mar 15, 2009 at 06:20 AM


    check in VB02 whether u have maintained any material exclusion for u r product


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    • Dear Raja,

      Thanks for ur input.......but I have entered 917 as the main item also I uploaded 5 qtys in the stock,besides 927 & 928 are the alternative materials where I have not maintained stock for 927 but for 928 2 qtys are maintained......when I create a sales order for 917 with qty 10 system throws me a msg "quantity of 8 ea remains after product selection" also system gives second line item for 928 with confirmed qty concern is for the first line item 917 system gives 2 as confirmed qty..but I have stock for 5 qtys and if I see the pricing details its showing price details for 10 qtys how its possible?....