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Mar 15, 2009 at 12:34 AM

RSPC Variant does not exist - Could not find or load print parameters


We are on BI 7.0 (support pack SAPKW70017). We recently freshed test system from production. After the refresh, we have problems opening all the process chains.

1. When I go to RSPC to open a process chain, I get many messages like this:

Variant &0000000067180 does not exist (there are different variant numbers)

Message no. DB612


You selected variant &0000000067180 for program RSPROCESS.

This variant does not exist.

2. When I go to SM21 to check the system log, it displays many entries like below:

EJ F Could not find or load print parameters for step 1, job BI_PROCESS_TRIGGER/09134500

Documentation for system log message EJ F :

An error occurred during loading of the print parameters for a

background job step.

The print parameter record may have been deleted even though there was

a still a step that needed that data. This is an error as the

reorganization of the print parameters should prevent this from


To fix the problem, edit the step and save it, copy the job, or

schedule a new job. The print parameters will be regenerated in all

these cases.

3. I applied the OSS note 1169659 - Correction: Process variants not entered by BDLS. The Basis rerun BDLS. But it did not fix the problem.

Would appreciate if someone could provide any help.

Thank you.