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Mar 14, 2009 at 11:08 AM

3.1 SAP Kit fails to redeploy BO web services



we are seeing some strange behavior when we install the SAP integration Kit 3.1 on our Weblogic 9.2 server. We have a distributed deployment were all bo services are on 1 server and the web/application server is on Weblogics 9.2 unix.The enterprise deploys fine and Qaaws works. We then install the SAP Integration Kit Web components only on the WebLogic server (using the auto deploy feature of the installation package) it fails to re-deploy dswsbobje services. It has successfully deployed a few times, but for the most part has failed each time we do the install. I have tried to use wdeploy after the fact to get the dswsbobje deployed and it fails as well. Once the error occurs you can never get the package to deploy until you completely uninstall the sap kit.

Any ideas? This is pretty critical at this point.