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Mar 13, 2009 at 03:13 PM

IDM autoprovisioning does not execute searchRequest befor addRequest


In the CUP interface, under Configuration->Workflow->Auto Provisioning->By System, one configures the autoprovisioning for the IDM system.

There is an option labeled "Create If User Does Not Exist". When this option is set to "Yes" and I approve a user account modification request, GRC does not send the searchRequest, it simply sends an addRequest for the already-existing user (which fails in eDirectory, since the user does exist).

When the option is set to "No" GRC does send the searchRequest (malformed).

Perhaps the UI wording is incorrect, or perhaps I misunderstand what this option is supposed to control, but it seems to me that the boolean sense of the option is reversed. I would expect "Yes" to cause the searchRequest to be sent. (It doesn't seem to be a problem in translation...auf Deutsch: "Anlegen, falls Benutzer nich vorliegt"

Is there somebody who can explain that to me?

- Holger