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How to Add Attribute in Layout in Resource Template (PowerDesigner)?

Jul 12 at 06:28 AM


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I would like to know with the community how do I enable this option to include new attributes in a layout of an item.

Follow image for help.

the option circled in the image is disabled.

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Is there an attribute/property of that isn't listed here already?


In case it would add in the property of name "List of foreign key reference joins of the table column% PARENT%", I would add the attributes:

  1. Mandatory;
  2. Table Child;
  3. Parent Child.

This property is "Table Column".

property.jpg (181.9 kB)
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1 Answer

George McGeachie Jul 13 at 09:00 AM

Mandatory is a property of the Reference, not the Join, which is why it's not available here. I've tried including the Reference in the report, inside the reference join object, but the reference didn't show up in quick view:


--- Reference Join

--- --- Reference

This appears to be a shortcoming of the report editor. One way around it is to create a computed extended attribute that contain some GTL to extract the metadata you want for a column's joins, and include that in the report.

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