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Mar 13, 2009 at 11:16 AM

NWA 7.1 - User Administration with regards to Roles/Groups



Environment = NWA 7.1 , Java Stack Only , No Central User Administration

Situation = One group of individuals responsible for developing and maintaining Java Roles & Groups

(Permissions). Another group of individuals responsible for maintaining Users and

allocating the above Roles & Groups to the Users.

In accordance with various documentation (ie. I have set up a Role which includes the actions: UME.Manage_Roles, UME.Manage_Groups, UME.Manage_Users, UME.Manage_All_User_Passwords & UME.Read_All. This Role is intended for the second group of individual mentioned above.

The problem is however that with the mentioned actions they can not only allocate an user to a Role or Group but also delete the Role/Group from the system. Without the above actions in the Role it is not possible to assign Users to a Role/Group.

This leads me to the question if it is possible to split these two various areas of responibility or does NWA 7.1 view both activities as residing in only group (documentation to this effect would be helpful). If not, which actions will ensure that only Users can be administered but the rights to the system (Roles/Groups) can not be tampered with.

Many thanks in advance,