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Former Member
Mar 13, 2009 at 10:58 AM

Wrong addition when loading one cube from another after 7.0 migration


Hi all,

I've got a strange behavior after BW migration from 3.0B to 7.0.

We are loading data from one cube (A) to another (B). In 3.0B everthing was fine. If I repeat the same load on a copied system that was migrated to 7.0 I get 812600 instead of 822000 as result for my keyfigure AMOUNT in cube B. I've then looked for the combination of charcteristics where the problem occurred and used the charcteristic values as selection for the infopackage. With this narrow selection I've restarted the infopackage and got the correct result of 822000 in cube B!

My further analysis had the following results:

- records affected in cube A: 107

- records inserted into PSA: 91 (both on large request and small request)

- summation of 91 PSA-records: 812600 (large request)

822000 (small request)

Can anybody explain this to me?

Thanks in advance,