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Jul 10, 2018 at 06:35 PM

Why Activate an Article Hierarchy ? It's better without it !


The condition to have one client wide AH or one per distribution chain is too restrictive in most cases.

In my case, the client has multiple brands, is in 20 countries with one sales org per country and 4 distribution channels. The AH varies across brands (products are not shared across brands) and across countries. Brand X in USA has a different AH structure than Brand X in Japan. AH does not vary across selling channel (Omni-channel). The key use-case for the client is to use it for reporting and sending it down to 3rd party merchandise planning applications.

One AH with Country and Brand as level would be just too wide a hierarchy and one per sales org and channel will be too repetitive. Ideally I want a hierarchy per Sales Org, but this is not possible.

I was wondering, why not I just make multiple planned hierarchies (one per country) and just never activate them ! In S4 there are very limited transactions where AH used for any operation processes. (even promotions has very limited use, considering most people create programs to create promotions).

The only thing I'll have to probably change in the extraction program to BW4HANA where I have to remove the activation check from the data source. Or better still I could simply SLT the tables to BW4HANA and build my down calc. view using self-joins. Considering there is no HANA live content with S4 anyways !

The add-on application on CAR, such as promotion management, Assortment Planning, Assortment Management etc. required DRFOUT to get this. Could we also not simply remove the check (though an BADI..not sure) to not do this check...

The idea is provocative. I am putting it up here for you to help me spot loop holes and try to shoot it down.