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Mar 13, 2009 at 07:18 AM

How to use Paging technique in ABAP while reading from an LDAP?


Hi all,

We have written a customized report that pushes some SAP fields onto an LDAP (Siemens DirX). We have used LDAP_CREATE to create entries in LDAP and LDAP_READ FM to read entries from LDAP. Now, the problem is, there seems to be a size limit set for no. of entries to be displayed in LDAP browser under any particular node in the hierarcy tree in DirX server., say 1000 entries. So, because of this restriction, even though we have populated more than 5000 entries onto the LDAP using our report, when it tries to read the same by giving a base entry, the LDAP_READ fm returns an exception saying "Maximum number of find results exceeded" (Message no. LDAPRC004) and it is not able to fetch any from LDAP. When we discussed the problem with LDAP Admin, he suggested us to use paging for searches with huge results. Am not aware as to how to use any paging techniques here. Also, there is not any parameter in the interface of the LDAP_READ fm where we can give some size limit sort of thing. So, if any one could help me here would be great.

Thanks in advance.

Sathish R

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