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Jul 10, 2018 at 03:46 PM

BI4.2 SP5 - Refreshing webi report based on unmanaged datasource - error


Hi Experts,

I have a problem refreshing webi report in the repository from an Excel file held on a network drive.

I created a simple report in Webi Rich Client based on an Excel file held on a network drive. I updated the Excel file by adding a row and tried refreshing the webi report in WRC - success!! The report showed the extra row.

Next, I saved the Webi report to Enterprise. I then wanted to check whether the report in the repository would refresh once I updated the source Excel file with another new row.


1. After saving to enterprise, I loaded the report in Webi, but I saw the refresh button was greyed out.

2. So I went back to WRC and selected Save to Enterprise > Advanced > Refresh on Open.

3. Now, when I loaded the report it gave me this error message: "You don't have the right to access the data on this connection, or the connection is not defined. Contact your administrator. (Error: INF )"

what should I do?

I have checked and the SIA is using a domain account that has access to the remote network drive the Excel file is stored on.

Thanks :)