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Former Member
Mar 12, 2009 at 11:06 PM

HR SAP interaction problem


Hai Experts,

The problem in this issue is call HR center people when they end call the calls does not end itself and they are not able to receive any calls unless they close manually and reopen the session and We are not able to reproduce this issue but it happens to most users.

Usually the process goes like this.

when call comes up the Name of the caller is displayed in CRM Web UI screen and agent confirm the employee and create service ticket do what ever the process needed and saves it . Once saved he click on end button so that screen refreshes and ready for next call( Automatically goes to Identify Employee screen when clicked end)

But users are not able to end call after saving the ticket and this is not consistent they face this issue once a while.

We use third party tool for CTI integration(Avaya telephone integration )to SAP Interaction center, but we dont know whether its avaya problem or SAP

Please suggest whether there is any problem in any program which END button uses or is there any other problem other than SAP

Thanks and Regards,