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Mar 12, 2009 at 02:26 PM

reference field issue.


I've created a customized table yfinalf102 through SE11 which contains fields for final display.

There is a customized field called phu in yfinalf102. Data element of phu is erfmg and reference field of phu is mseg-erfme.

i've declared the table yfinalf102 in my driver program.

I've done all code within the driver program only. I've populated w_mseg, w_vekp,....... etc. data to w_final. Finally I've appended w_final to i_final.

This i_final has been passed through the smartform so that while

executing the driver program, the report will be displayed.


All data are being successfully ppended from w_final to i_final.The problem is:

although the program is successfully being executed but just during printing the final layout it's showing the error

'REFERENCE FIELD W_FINAL-PHU unknown in form'.

So I think i should declare the reference field for phu in my form.

Please note:

Within the table yfinalf102:

data element for the field phu is erfmg

and reference field for phu is mseg-erfme

kindly suggest how can i make the above reference table in my smartform?

in smartform i've found a tab for currency/quantity fields under global settings.

But what to fill up there. I wrote field name phu and reference field erfme and type quan but it's not working. kindly help.

Should i pass i_mseg to smartforms?

Best regards.