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Mar 12, 2009 at 01:48 PM

How do you remove a picture from a theme?


Hi all gurus.

This must be the most silly question so far in the forum but I have to ask again: How do you remove a picture from a theme?

I uploaded a background picture for the Masthead Function Area but now I want to remove it. Since the correspodning field is blank when you go into the editor you can't erase the picture's URL

What you can do is to browse to, and choose, a new picture and then erase the URL in the field. The mentioned area is then actually emptied and the color set in the field "Background Color of Masthead Function" is shown.

But, and here is the problem, when you save the theme the picture is back again! Isn't there the possibility to show the background color, for which there is a field, instead of a picture? Do I really have to upload a picture just containing the color I want to have??? If so, that must be one of the most stupid functionaliteis I have seen in the portal so far, indeed...

I'm most grateful for every suggestion of how to solve this in a decent way and not the idiotic "replace picture with another picture" way.

Best regards