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Mar 12, 2009 at 12:48 PM

No syntax error on syntax check, but syntax error on activation


Hi all,

I have a confusing problem.

I want to default some values on item level of purchase order (ME21N). I added a module call in flow logic of screen 1313 of program SAPLMEGUI. The module itself I added to include LMEVIEWSF01. Here I default some fields of structure MEPO1313. This structure is defined in TOP-include using TABLES.

Before modification I debugged the transaction and found out, that structure MEPO1313 is accessible during PBO. Changes in debugger are shown as expected on screen.

Now, syntax check on LMEVIEWSF01 and even on SAPLMEGUI returns no error. But on activation I get syntax error saying MEPO1313 is not know ??

So, structure MEPO1313 is accessible in debugger, no syntax error on syntax-check, but syntax error on activation ?

What is going on ??