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Jul 09, 2018 at 04:48 AM

Display Pop-up after Business Partner Search/Confirmation

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Update: There is slight change in my requirement. The pop-up view will be displayed prior to displaying the account details. There are two scenarios when to fire up the pop-up: 1. If there are multiple accounts found based from search criteria in result list. The pop-up is fired after clicking the account id hyperlink.

2. If there is one account found after search it will go directly to the account detail view.

For scenario 1, I'm thinking to trigger the pop-up in view: IUICMD/HitlistAccount, event: EH_ONSHOWACCOUNT.

Please advise if there is a better approach.

For Scenario 2, still haven't checked yet.


My requirement is after BP search and confirmation, if BP is assigned to multiple contract accounts (contact person to other CA), display pop-up with list of contract accounts. Allow user to choose which CA, and auto confirm. Return to BP DetailAccount View.

Problem is where is the best place to trigger the pop-up? The BP Account Display can be triggered by different Result List/Scenarios. In above example, the BP is automatically confirmed. While use can navigate to BP detail by clicking in different Result list.

I’m thinking it will be cumbersome to enhance the outbound plug for different search result list scenarios. Is it possible to display the pop-up automatically after the BP detail is displayed? I’m not sure if it’s possible in CRM framework.