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Jul 08, 2018 at 05:05 AM

Unable to select Correct Source System for BP Relationship import in MDG Consolidation



We are using MDG 9.1 on top os S/4 HANA 1709 (S47CLNT100)

We already consolidated and activated BP 0000010305,0000010221,0000010030 in active area (BUT000) in system S47CLNT100 (By this name only we defined Business System, Logical System and RFC Connection)

We can upload BP relationship with any source system name except S47CLNT100 which is our actual source system

As for BP relationship I need to maintain existing BPs from BUT000 for system S47CLNT100. Hence it is source for this BP relationships

Now we are facing issue while importing if we put source system name as S47CLNT100 as per per SAP also surce systen can not be own system

So I already mentioned any system (Other than current system) as source system (SRC_100).

But in that also I am getting error saying 'No Matching Source Partner1 for (Source system name/existing BP number from active area like SRC_123/0000010305) found

It seems that values from field BUT050_SRC-SOURCE_SYSTEM and BUT050_SRC-SOURCE_PARTNER1 are automatically clubbed together (CONCATENATE) and it searches in BUT000-PATNER field existing value, which obvisoulsly doen no match.

Example: It we provide BUT050_SRC-SOURCE_SYSTEM as S47_100 or any name for source system other than current system and BUT050_SRC-SOURCE_PARTNER1 as 0000010305 then backend source code logic automaticaly convert value as S47_100/0000010305 for BUT050_SRC-SOURCE_PARTNER1.

Now as value for BUT050_SRC-SOURCE_PARTNER1 which is S47_100/0000010305 which does not match with BUT000-PATNER which is only 0000010305 so it gives error as

No matching BP found for SOURCE_PARTNER1 'S47_100/0000010305'

Message no. MDC_BPR_MODEL012

Did I missed something?