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Mar 12, 2009 at 11:30 AM

Synchronous to Asyncronous Bridge problem


Hi Experts,

I'm working in a RFC->XI->Mail scenario. I have created a BPM that uses the sync to async bridge with 5 steps,

1 - Receive1: Opens S/A Bridge

Message - Abstract Asyncronous message from RFC

Sync Interface - Abstract Synchronous message Output RFC signature

Input RFC.response

2 - Transformation1 Transforms RFC format to XML format

3 - Transformation 2 Transforms XML to Mail package format

4 - Send 1: Mode - Asynchronous

Message - XML in mail package format

5 - Send 0: Mode - Closes S/A Bridge

Message - Abstract Asynchronous message from RFC.response

All works, the mail is sent, but it fails in the last step, I have a time out error.

What is wrong?

Best Regards,

Alfredo Lagunar.