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Former Member
Mar 12, 2009 at 11:19 AM

Re: Create new assignment block with new BOL entity (Z-table)


Hi Experts,

There is following thread in this forum, which asks exactly for my request:

  • Create a new assignment block that shows the values of a z-table from a R/3 / ERP system.
  • In my case the z-tables key is the business partner guid (BUT000-PARTNER)
  • Add this assignment block to BP_HEAD/AccountDetails View.
Short description of the problem:

The original thread-poster seems to have solved the problem and was asked to share his knowledge. Unfortunately I was unable to find it on this Forum or on Wiki.

I also couldn't find any other guide, post, book, help that shows how to do this step by step.

I found many threads that maybe show a couple of steps but mostly these steps are not really explained and like I said - it's never complete.

Does anyone know how to do this or how I can find help?

Help is very appreciated!

Best regards,

/ Melanie