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Load Balancer for SAP Cloud Platform VM?

Hi Team,

I'd like to know if there is a Load Balancer option for SAP Cloud Platform VM's.

Like AWS Load Balancer.

I know there is Application Autoscalar option for applications and tring to find similar option for VM's.



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  • What kind of application do you plan to run on the VM's? I think the main intent of the VM's is to use them as i.e. CI/CD Systems with Jenkins.

  • Hi Gregor,

    You are right that the vms can be used for CI servers, but their main idea is to make possible to run everything except the java apps on java runtimes that the Neo environment of SCP proposes. In CloudFoundry environment the "runtimes" come out of the box with the community buildpacks. So if you want to run server side php, python, ruby, nodejs or something else on SCP Neo environment, you need to use the Virtual machine service for this purpose.

    Best regards,

    Ismail Alidzhikov

  • I'm trying to run Python Django Web Application on Apache.

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    Jul 07, 2018 at 05:50 PM

    Hi Arman,

    If you ask about the SCP Virtual machine service vms, the answer is that currently this feature is not supported. Currently each vms has a separate LoadBalancer record. If you create two vms with names mydjangoapp1 and mydjangoapp2 you will be able to create two separate LoadBalancer records - https://mydjangoapp1.vms.[host] and https://mydjangoapp2.vms.[host]. Unfortunately currently it is not possible to have LoadBalancer record https://mydjangoapp.vms.[host] load balancing between vms mydjangoapp1 and mydjangoapp2. I hope in near future, we will have this feature.

    Best regards,

    Ismail Alidzhikov

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