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Mar 11, 2009 at 07:31 PM

Problems with reference field in material type



I have problem with field reference in material type creation.

When I define a self-defined field reference ZERS (copy of standard field reference HERS) for a own defined material type ZERS (copy of material type HERS), I get the following error message:

Field reference ZERS has not been set up

Message no. CZ127


You have specified a field reference that has not been set up.


Set up the new field reference or use an already existing field reference.

I do not understand why because the entry ZERS is present in table T130A.

Here is the IMG config I have made:

1. Logistics general->Material Master->Field selection->Maintain field selection for Data Screens (here I made copy of field reference HERS and named it ZERS)

2. Logistics general->Material Master->Basic Settings->Material types->Define attributes of Material types (here I made a copy of material type HERS and named it ZERS. I then tried to set the field T134-FLREF "Field reference" to ZERS, but then the error message appears)

Does anyone know what config I am missing?

Or any reason why the error message CZ127 is coming up?