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Jul 05, 2018 at 08:24 AM

HCM Pay roll Issue: System does not read Wage type in IT 008


Dear Payroll Gurus,

We are facing one urgent Issue when run Pay roll that need your support.
In Infotype 0008, we have some Wage types:
- VP19: Total base Salary
- VP01: Basic Salary
- VP03: Dearness Allowance 1
- VP04: Dearness Allowance 2
- Logically: VP19 = VP01 + VP03 + VP04, but user input all off above Wage Types.

When we run pay roll with an old record in Infotype 0008 that was input previously, system can read all above Wage Types and calculate.
But if I create a new record of above Wage types (in Infotype 0008), then run Pay roll the same, system does not read VP01 to calculate.

Kindly help us to find the cause and solution for this urgent issue.
Thanks very much!