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HCM Processes and Forms - Assigning PERNR in hire process

Hi all.

We're doing our first HCM Processes & Forms project where we're creating a new hire process. The process currently consist of just one step using standard services S_HIRE_ADD_FUNCTIONS (dropdown value help for fields Personnel area, personnel subarea, ee group, ee subgroup) and SAP_PA.

For the fields personnel area and ee group we've added code in the form so that on select the dependent values in personnel subarea and ee subgroup are populated. We've added the lines as described at


ContainerFoundation_JS.SendMessageToContainer(, "submit", "", "", "", "");


Each time we select a personell area from the dropdown (within the same session) the system grabs a new employee number (PERNR) from the number range. We're having trouble understanding why this happens. Can someone please explain why this happens?


We want the PERNR to be assigned as the last part of the process, i.e. just before saving data to back end. Is this possible? Any suggestions will be highly appreciated!

ECC6.0/EP7.0 SP15/EA-HR 603SP09/LC Designer 7.1

Best regards


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    Mar 11, 2009 at 04:46 PM

    Q1 - your user event is most likely triggering the other services that you are not meaning for them to triger. User Events are "tricky" at best. I posted a lot about this in another thread. Basically, your event will trigger ALL the services that are tied to the fields of your user event field group and repeat either those services "initilize" or "check" operations depending on your config. This often has bizzare and unwanted effects.

    Q2 - Not sure what you mean here. I think if you fix Q1 above, you won't have much of a problem. Basically, as you enter the process, it is grabbing the next available PERNR to "hold" for you until you are done. When your process actually completes and the backend services makes the change, that PERNR should be used. Now....telling it to not bother grabbing a PERNR at all until right before the save? Not sure how (or if) that can be done.

    Hope this helps.

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      I also used SAP_PA backend service, to do hiring in SAP. But i get same error "Enter personnel number" on portal.

      I have assigned madatory fields for IT0001


      Still i get the same error enter perosnnel no. , as personnel no is blank, i have assigned SAP_PA default value to pener field also.

      Please help, to resolve this.