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Mar 11, 2009 at 01:22 PM

Retrieving LO delta records lost due to client copy - using setup tables


Dear All,

Due to a recent client copy creation activity in R3 which was not informed to the BI team, we were unable to clear the delta queue (RSA7) and now certain delta records are missing in BI PRD.

The Process Chains failed due to the client copy activity, and data did not reach the PSA.

We now notice that postings of 2 days are missing. The subsequent data is fine.

The update method is "Direct Delta", and we are using the application numbers 11,12 and 13 and there is no date selection for the setup tables (OLI7BW, OLI8BW, OLI9BW).

Thus we cannot delete the setup tables and refill for a date range and go about rectifying the situation.

Also, the InfoPackages don't have a date selection so we cannot filter there either (we don't have much time for changes and transports etc., but do you think we should add date to the InfoPackages and try to pull in the 2 days' data from setup? What should be the steps/precautions when pulling in this data?).

Anyway, now we are thinking of doing a complete load of all data to BI over the weekend

(i.e. deleting the setup tables, locking users out of the system, clearing pending deltas, then deleting all data in BI and inits, refilling setup tables with all historical data and doing a full upload to BI, and later a delta init...)

It just feels that this is way too laborious to take in simply 2 days' of delta records...but we don't know what to do to ensure consistency.

If anyone can advise, please help!

Thanks in advance!