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Jul 10, 2018 at 03:39 PM

Problem PDFViewer - SAPUI5


Hello guys,

we are having an issue with the PDFViewer control from SAPUI5.

The samples examples are quite easy to understand:

But theses examples are all setting the source property via a file on the file system.

We are trying to load a stream coming from SAP Gateway into the PDFViewer.

Calling the service from the browser works as expected:


and loads the pdf file on the browser.

But how to load that data from the sapui5 client into the PDFViewer?

Ok it needs to have the format: "data:application/pdf;base64,XXXXXXXXXX="

Binding the view directly to /xxxxxxxxxxx('63514')/$value does not seem to work.

We are unsure if we should proceed via"/xxxxxx(' 63514')

or we should go via an XMLHttpRequest

( Via XMLHttpRequest we are able to open the pdf document from the ui5 client on the browser.)

But nothing really seems to work when trying to set the source property of the PDFViewer control.

Any idea? Any help will be grateful.