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Mar 11, 2009 at 09:55 AM

Identify Item & BP with respect to each Segment


Hi Experts,

My client, a trading company, has HO + 3 branches and 5 divisions which deals with 5 different kind of products. They require to know the profitability or just any report seperately for the branch division combination. So w have decided to use segmentation based on branch & division. They also needs to know the customer liabilities division wise, so the same customer in a branch if he gets product/item of 2 division, we have 2 different customer master with diffrect G/L mapping based on the division they are associated.

So now we have a set of customers and items which is associated with each segment (branch-division combination). We also keeps different document series for eah segment. We also have diffrent warehouses for each segment.

Now can I set up some filtering so that I can associate a numbering series with a segment and when that series is seleted only customers and items of that segment only will appear in choose from list?

Or is there any work-around solution to simulate it. My client is very much concerned over the flexibility at end user level and they cannot let a user create a document which has items from 2 divisions it it.

I'm using B1 2007B

Please Advise...

Thanks & Regards