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Mar 11, 2009 at 08:58 AM

Posting in PNPCE mode


Hi all,

We have 2 SAP R/3 systems. One system has Logical database PNPCE for the posting program RPCIPE00. The other system has PNP as its logical database. This is because HR patch levels are different.

I observed the following behaviour in the development systems (not the production) in both the instances:

In the system with PNPCE, the posting program is not selecting any employees eventhough they have valid payroll results. I mean, in the ALV ouput, we can see that no employees are processed.

In the system with PNP, the posting program with PNP selects the employees without any hassles and gives the posting results.

Why does this happen so? I debugged the posting program. I observed that logical database in RPCIPE00 (with PNPCE) perform additional check on PERNRs from selection screen and finds their PERSON Ids. Then again it converts back PERSON to PERNR ids. It refers to 1001 (relations) infotype with relation '209' for this purpose. I also observed, 1001 infotype is not maintained for most of the employees in this system(with PNPCE).

Is this the main cause for the problem in posting program in PNPCE enviroment?Or are there any pre requisites(other than payroll results) for running the posting program?

Please let me know,