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Mar 11, 2009 at 08:20 AM

SAP NW 7.0 SR3 installation on MSCS cluster with one shared disk



I am trying to install SAP NW 7.0 SR3 on MSCS cluster with one shared disk.

while configuring oracle cluster group iam getting error like

error is: 30 14:07:32 ** ERROR : FS-10036: The resource uses disk Disk S:, which is also used by cluster resource SAP SG3 SAPMNT in another group

31 14:07:32 ** ERROR : FS-10778: The Oracle Database resource provider failed to configure the cluster resource SG3.WORLD

32 14:07:32 ** ERROR : FS-10890: Oracle Services for MSCS failed during the add operation

33 14:07:32 ** ERROR : FS-10497: Starting clusterwide rollback of the operation

34 14:07:32 FS-10488: SAPSPISG1 : Starting rollback of operation

35 14:07:32 > FS-10090: Rolling back Oracle Net changes on node SAPSPISG1

36 14:07:34 FS-10489: SAPSPISG1 : Completed rollback of operation

37 14:07:34 ** ERROR : FS-10495: Clusterwide rollback of the operation has been completed

38 14:07:34 Please check your Windows Application log using the Event Viewer for any additional errors

39 14:07:34 The clusterwide operation failed !

Reason of this error is one shared disk.

I want configure oracle cluster group in SAP cluster group with out creating individual oracle cluster group.

Please help me how to do.