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Jul 09, 2018 at 01:54 PM

Is it possible to slowdown BIM processing


We are using a BIM made by LSMW to delete items from a BOM of a functional location. The BIM deletes a line and then saves the BOM. This also results in an event that triggers an interface message. One of the key data fields in the interface is the date and time. If the receiver detects multiple messages about one functional location it should process the latest one.

Because the BIM works so fast it can do multiple deletes per second. Resulting in multiple interface messages with the same date/time stamp for one

functional location. The receiver does not know what message is the right one.

Does anybody know a way to slow down a BIM. It should process only one line per second.

(I read about including several transactions in a recording in the sap documentation. The second one could be a wait statement. But how ? )