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Former Member
Mar 10, 2009 at 11:46 PM

Using MC7A for location split on release from DP to SNP


We are adding locations to SNP, but do not want to add those locations to DP (because of bolt-on DP systems that would require modification).

Because of this, we plan to us MC7A to define the split between locations when we release from DP to SNP.

We are running into an issue, however, when we have the same product in multiple planning areas: From Planning Area A, I want to split forecast between Location1 (80%) and Location2 (20%); from Planning Area B I want all forecast to go to Location3.

MC7A is not defined by planning area, so this split does not work appropriately to meet our needs.

Is there any way to have different splits by planning area? Is there perhaps a user exit that we can use to point the release job to custom tables?