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Former Member
Mar 10, 2009 at 06:21 PM

MD06 Issue - Planned orders not getting displayed



Planned order with the exception "Newly created order proposal" does not get displayed in MD06 with the option "Only Unprocessed MRP Lists" in the processing indicator.

I am running MD06 report with the following parameters:


MRP Controller

Exeception Group - All exception selected except 8-Terminations

Processing indicator - Only unprocessed MRP LIsts, Only with new exceptions

My material which has a newly created planned order thorugh MRP run with exception "1 - Newly created order proposal" does not get displayed.

Only when I specify Only processed MRP lists or All MRP LIst in the processing indicator, this material gets displayed. The planned order is for a Stock Transfer order to this plant (receiving plant). How is the MRP LIst processed?

Please help me out with this issue.