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Mar 10, 2009 at 03:48 PM

Persitance mode to select: DB or DBFS



we are on EP 7.0 (EhP1+SPS18).

We are planning to create customer own CM repository in KM, in this repository we want to enable users to save and maintain mainly excel-sheets using KM in Portal. Some users will be displaying the Excel-sheets and other Users will be editing these and checking it in to the portal. The sheet will be about 7 MByte, per sheet need about 30 version (using versioning) and we have 10 users who can modify each sheet, so we will have write and read access on the files and folders.

My Quetsion is: Which is the best persitance mode to select in this case for the customer CM Repository, only between DB and DBFS please? I mean any best practice to read on this subject maybe, any tipps and tricks...etc., I have already seen the comparion on SAP Help documentation, so any other Ideas are very welcome..

Many thanks and Regards,