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Mar 10, 2009 at 03:05 PM

[Scrollbar] Desktop Innerpage and Work Area



I simply added a custom-specific iView in the Work Area in the Layout of the Desktop Innerpage.

Now, I have a vertical scrollbar on almost all pages of the Portal.

My analysis is that the Work Area complelety ignores the custom-specific iView (the Desktop Innerpage height type is set to Automatic) when it calculates the available height. I tried different settings (Fixed, Full-page) without success.

To say the truth, I have read solutions (in cas of adding a footer) where you have to overwrite a Javascript function that I am not very fond of...

Hope there is a solution that do not imply modifying or copying a standard Portal component (be it the Desktop Innerpage, the Navigation Layout (with Navigation Area / Work Area)... 😕

Best regards,