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Mar 10, 2009 at 02:26 PM

bin problem


Hi All,

Can not Bin to Bin ...getting error message

Can't explain why this is not working....may be because base unit is kg's? This is material that has been returned to us. The bin is the Delivery number (xxxxxxxxx) , but when try to take out the amount for one pallet you get the pop up message (requested amt couldnt be supplied.) But , next I did a bin to bin with 1LB and it took....but then when I tried to bin it left rounding amount? So basically there are two questions.....why will it not let us break this down...and why did it leave rounding amount in bin for just a regular bin to bin? I have shipping had to do a LT01 (manual TO) to get the amounts moved?

When I did next bin to bin, I only did 1lb and it took?

Then I bin to bin back the 1lb and it left material in bin