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Mar 10, 2009 at 12:54 PM

When using SFE as CFE do I have to keep in mind special


Hi all,

I set up a SFE (SFE_1) and a CFE (CFE_1) and configured the SFE and CFE as described in documentation Thread:Configuring the AD Engine - CFE.

Now I want to use the SFE as CFE too. But when I try to access the portal via the SFE_1-IP

nothing happens. I had assumed that the portal would show up.

When I use the IP from CFE_1 everything works fine.

I secured the Client to CFE_1 and we secured the tunnel from CFE_1 to SFE_1.

Did I forget something crucial?

In caption "Local Delivery" the documentation mention something about "Reflections". When I

look into the admin-plugin I cannot see any entry with "Reflection" within my service. What I

see is

... -->Services-->myService-->re-Encryption Certficate
                           -->Delivery Targets



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