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Mar 10, 2009 at 12:13 PM

Forcing a new page and using CAN GROW in a group header section??


Two Questions:

1) Is it possible to force a new page at any given position of the report?

I have a summary report with drill downs. My problem is that the vendor name and address (group 3 which is split into 3 subgroups GH3a GH3Bb GH3c) is sometimes at the end the page and the rest of the information (detaila and detail b with GFs) continue on the next page.

Can I specify a specific time or position when to page so that if this happens I can make the vendor name print on the next page?

I know of the keep group together option in the section expert but that keeps the detail together with the group heading - which is not the problem I am trying to resolve.

2) Can the group header and group footer sections be set to CAN GROW?

Thank you,