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Mar 10, 2009 at 10:30 AM

Anything special in SRM from developer's perspective?


Most of ABAP developers have worked in ERP environment and some in CRM system too.

When a SRM system appears as an opportinity to make custom development, what are main differences compared to ERP development remembering that ERP still has lots of "old" but valid stuff like SapScript and old user-exits and SRM is relatively new environment without having the "old burden".

So how would you describe SRM from developer's perspective? Anything unfamiliar for normal ABAPer?

I had these questions in mind and rec?

  • Similar like CRM, where lots of tables play with GUIDs only?

  • Printing: no SapScripts but Smartforms and Adobe only? Forms print customizing works like Actions in CRM and not like message output customizing in ERP (table TNAPR)?

  • It has part of XI (integration engine and XI content) I have heard, thus interfacing means mostly working with ABAP proxy class methods?

  • IDOCs and BAPIs is a valid interface technology too?

  • You must work more with ABAP classes than in ERP?

  • GUI development: more browser based applications than SAPGUI transactions? => gui development not much dialog programming? What is current browser technology: BSP or Webdynpro?

  • Some special enhancement concept like EEWB (easy enhancement workbench) in CRM?

When answering, please consider that my interest is in the latest versions of SRM 5.0 to 7.x.

Br: Kim