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Mar 10, 2009 at 09:47 AM

Modelling approach: 2 Records into 1.


Hi all:

I have a modelling issue. I have a DSO, which I have to extract data from. The structure of this DSO has 2 records for the same information, the only change is that in the first one I have the Sales in local curr, and in the other I have it in global curr. I mean:

Char1, Char2, Char3, 10 Kg ,100 USD

Char1, Char2, Char3, 10 Kg, 70 EUR

and I would like to have these 2 records combined into one, with separate KFig, just like this.

Char1, Char2, Char3, 10 Kg, 100 USD, 70 EUR

How can I do that?.