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Mar 10, 2009 at 06:20 AM

Initialization error for 0FI_AA_11



While trying to initialize the request for the datasource 0FI_AA_11, I am getting the following error. Has anyone seen this error before or could suggest what should be done for this. I have already loaded the master data for asset accounting and have deleted any ealier init requests. Thanks for your help in advance.


No init. is green for DataSource 0FI_AA_11 from source system BKNCLNT010

Message no. RSM1094


The prerequisite for the update of delta data in an ODS object is at

least one successful initialization request (status green) from source

system BKNCLNT010 to DataSource 0FI_AA_11.

The request must have the status green in the monitor.


o In the monitor and scheduler, (menu entry: Initialization Selection

for Source System), check whether there are initializations for this

DataSource/source system combination.

o Find out why existing initializations do not have the status green.

o Use the QM action (button All on the monitor tab page Status) to

green or carry out the initialization again.