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Mar 10, 2009 at 05:27 AM

Delta Error in Generic Datasources


Hi All,

We have created a generic datasource with delta specific field as "Calendar Day".

We have our Process Chains scheduled during the night.

Nowadays we have problems with the R/3 processes, due to which the Process Chains completion gets delayed.

Hence, instead of the loads getting completed at night, sometimes the loads get completed during the day.

Now, for the generic datasources, since the delta specific field is Calendar Day; the delta load for the next day picks up zero records.

The reason being "New records to be loaded into the BW using a delta upload have a higher entry in this field that those which have already been loaded"

Ex: The delta load for 09.03.2009 night, gets completed on 10.03.2009 during the day.

Hence, some data for 10.03.2009 has already been loaded. Now, when the next delta runs on 10.03.2009 night, it sees that data for 10.03.2009 has already been loaded.

Since the delta picks up records greater than 10.03.2009, and since no data is present for 11.03.2009, it picks up zero records.

And hence the remaining records for 10.03.2009 are missed.

How do we overcome this problem?

Thanks in advance...