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Mar 10, 2009 at 04:56 AM

Status code 503--Service Unavailable


Hi everyone.

A little time ago I 've faced status code 503 -- service unavailable on XI 3.0, so I found Sap Note 803145 and applied it.

The note says to change the PollAttempts parameter from 60 to 100 and that's supposed to solve the problem.

Actually it seems that problem is solved, but occasionally it keeps apearing the same error (status code 503 -- service unavailable).

I've checked all PollAttempts parameters and they are in 100 like the note says.

Before the Note application the error was appearing in some messages that use SOAP and JDBC Adapters, but now this error is only appearing in JDBC adapter.

Not all messages that use JDBC adapter are erroneous, the tricky thing here is that some messages that appear with this error can be restarted and processed succesfully but others can not be restarted.

Can someone give me some light in this??

Thanks in advanced.

Emmanuel Rebolledo