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Mar 09, 2009 at 11:20 PM

Interest calculation in Dunning Wizard


Hi All,

I have a question with regard to the calculation of Interest amount via Dunning wizard.

Let us say I have a dunning term that issues Dunning Letter 1, 30 days past the due date. Dunning Letter 2 is issued 30 days past the dunning letter 1. The interest to be charged is 10% per anum.

Let us say I have an invoice of $1000. 30 days past the due date when I run the dunning wizard, it would show an interest of 8.33. As SAP does not post the interest amount automatically in the form of a journal entry, we manually pass this journal entry for receivables of $8.33.

Next time, when I run the dunning wizard after 30 days of running the first dunning wizard, I will see that the date of last dunning run is updated. When I check the Interest amount, it will show me 16.67. This interest amount is a cumulative i.e 8.33 (last dunning run) and 8.33 of this run.

Now, if we pass a journal entry for 16.67, it will be wrong as I have already passed a previous journal entry for 8.33. Is there a way we can make the system count the interest days from the last dunning run to give me the incremental interest amount of $8.33. Currently the interest days are calculated from the due date of the invoice.

Is there a UDF that can be created in the dunning wizard and can have a formatted search assigned to it?

Thank you very much for your input.