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Jul 04, 2018 at 02:34 PM

Production Outsourcing with Scheduling Agreement.


Dear Experts,

I'm facing the following Problem and hope that you can help me:

I've created several BOMs for a productive process with the following structure:

POC-F130 .POC-SPK130 ..POC-S130 ...POC-SS130 ....POC-R130

(each level has a BOM, a Routing and a production version)

My client's request is that the painting process is outsourced, via scheduling agreement, this should be the last process and therefore it is represented by the transition from POC-SPK130 to POC-F130.

I've run the process with internal production and all the BOMs get exploded. When I set up MRP 2 with Procurement F and Special Procurement 30 for subcontracting the process runs smoothly with a Purchase Requisition for POC-SPK130 generated in POC-F130 during MRP run.

Yet, when I create a scheduling agreement and source list for my finished product, although the schedule line is created for the POC-F130, the POC-SPK130 generates a MRP element SubReq but doesn't explode the components within it's BOM.

Any help or advice is welcome.

Thank You in advance for your attention.

Best Regards.