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Mar 09, 2009 at 10:06 PM

System copies - preferred methods


Hello all,

I'm about to start a project to migrate some existing Production systems (BW, ECC, SRM) which are all based on NW04. DB is Oracle The proposed method is to use system copies.

The systems are to be moved from a couple of existing SUN Solaris machines to one new SUN Solaris machine with the latest O/S, so even though the O/S version is changing, these copies will still be homogeneous as opposed to heterogeneous, correct? There is no change of DB.

My other question is really asking for the benefit of your experiences....

Because these are NW04 systems, I am proposing to use the R3load process (ie export source system / install new system using export from source).

Have people found this method the best way of achieving this, or do some of you have another preferred method (backup/restore) and why? What are the advantages/disadvantages that you see with either method?

Also the proposed order of migration is BW, then ECC, then SRM. Do you see any issues with doing them in this order?