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Mar 09, 2009 at 07:20 PM

wait_for_file function not working w/ network or mapped drive


I have DS3.1 job Server on Windows Server 2003 64 bit

when i try to run the following script to wait for a file on a network drive i recieve return code -2

$G_Return_Code = wait_for_file('z:\test1.txt', 8000, 10000, 1, $G_FILE_NAME );

print( 'file name [$G_FILE_NAME]');

print( 'Return code [$G_Return_Code]');

it also fails if I specify the full netowork path and not the mapp drive letter

it works for drives that are local to the job server


I am able to read and write to flat files from this job server by specifying the map drive letter or using the full path.

It is only an issue w/ the wait_for_file function