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Mar 09, 2009 at 04:50 PM

How-To Skip Search/Result view and navigate directly to Overview Page?



How can I have some Object ID hyperlink action of some component (say comp1) directly navigates to Overview page belonging to another component (say comp2)? These two components already belong to the same business role and for comp2 when selected I would still like to show the user with a search page. The navigation to Overview page should happen only from the hyperlink action.

And because of a lot of custom code in comp2 search and result views, I don't want to create another component, copy all the custom changes and make Overview page as default in Repository.xml. Using the selected Object ID, I can fill this value in one of the key search attribute and run the query service to fill the corresponding context nodes. Since this Object ID is key attribute there will be only one search Result.

The idea what I am thinking is to follow the regular navigation flow (i.e., Search->Result->Overview for Comp2), but manually trigger the event handlers and outbound plug for result view based on some custom attribute that will hold Object ID. But I am on confused on if this would be the right approach or if there is something better? And if this is the right approach then, which methods for Search and Result should I modify to navigate to Overview page?

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