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Former Member
Mar 09, 2009 at 04:39 PM

Where is Bex Analyzer addin path in registry


The default file path for Bex analyzer files are different under Bex 3x and 7x. For 7x path for the file 'BexAnalyzer.xla' is "..Program Files\Common Files\SAP Shared\BW", whereas, for 3x path for the same file is "..Program Files\SAP\FrontEnd\Bw".

I'm developing an application that launch Bex addins for both version. In order to invoke Bex addin, i need physical path of the file and since path is different under two version, therefore, i need to extract that path from registry. However, I'm not able to find a any registry entry that help me to determine the path of the file 'BexAnalyzer.xla'