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Mar 09, 2009 at 04:04 PM

HCM P&F: User Events unable to change field values, and losing PERNR


Hi All,

I'm in the midst of my first foray into MSS via HCM P&F.

I'm having two issues that may be related.

Netweaver 7.00 SP14, LiveCycle Designer 8.00, MSS EP2 (HR? Anyway, we have the design time studio).

Issue 1)

I have created a button on the form which triggers a user event. The user event is defined as a check event (I've tried initialize, doesn't seem to help). This button is supposed to calculate the Comp Ratio for an employee's new base pay. In other words, the user will enter an amount and click the button, and the button should populate a field with the new comp ratio. I can successfully manipulate the field in the INITIALIZE method, but when I try to change the field in DO_OPERATIONS, those changes are not reflected in the form.

Issue 2)

Same scenario as above - when I press the button and trigger the user event, PERNR (typed as ASR_AFFECTED_EE_PERNR, not tied to an infotype in SAP_PA) is not populated. It is populated on the screen, and I can see the value in the INITIALIZE method, but when I press the button, the field is empty in the DO_OPERATIONS method. This actually causes the form to error saying 'Please enter a personnel number'.

I imagine these two issues might be related, but I don't know.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.