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Mar 09, 2009 at 02:27 PM

SRM Upgrade Question



I need to prepare for SRM Version 4.0 to SRM Version 7.0 Upgrade. Reading the upgrade master guide , i had some questions, if you can please help me in sorting them out.

Presently we have SAP BW3.5, Live Auction Toolkit1.0 and EP 6.0 with Trex , Requisite Bugs Eye 4.0 and SAP SRM4.0. From the master guide I see that If i have to go to SRM7.0, I need BI7.0, SAP NW EP 7.01 and TREX 7.0, Live auction toolkit 7.0, SAP SRM MDM Catalog 3.0(Fresh Implementation) and SAP NW PI(XI) NW 7.01(Fresh Implementation) . Am I right? We are running all the SRM scenarios.

ALso, Is it possible to upgrade Live Auction Toolkit 1.0 to Live Auction toolkit 7.0, if not can i do it two step i.e LAC 1.0 to LAC 2.0 and LAC 2.0 to LAC 7.0 or if it is better to freshly install LAC 7.0 and then migrate the data by some means?

Also, I have ITS 6.20 , can I use the same ITS without upgrading it. I dont want to use the internal ITS , else I cannot have the scenario to keep iTS Wgate inside Firewall which is required.

Please help, as I am little confused with the upgrade guide.