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Mar 09, 2009 at 01:34 PM

SAP PI Licensing question - XML or plain form


Hi guys,

I've a question relating to SAP PI licensing. Does SAP evaluates the volume of data in the XML form? Or only the info which is sent? I've a scenario that may or may not be implemented via PI since the volume of information is huge. I have a system that sends a file which will need to be parsed and mapped into a customized SAP structure. This file has 10 Mb of information and applying a multiplication factor of 30, since it'll increase in the XML form, I'll get 300 Mb per file. The file will be sent 100 times per month which will give me 30 Gb leading to a prohibited value for licensing.

If SAP evaluates the message in the XML form it'll be 30 Gb of info. But if I place the transformation in ABAP code staying in the SAP ERP system I can delete the multiplication factor, right? However I'll still have 1 Gb

of info. Can I still decrease this value?

Is my suggestion feasible? I'm waiting for suggestions....


Gonçalo Mouro Vaz